Cyber Risk & Cyber Security: What's Your Cyber Risk Rating?

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      Cyber Risk & Cyber Security: What's Your Cyber Risk Rating?
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How This Assessment Works

Take this quick and free quiz-based assessment to discover your Cyber Risk Rating 
This quick and free Cyber Risk Rating assessment will show you how you can improve your cyber risk rating by managing cyber risk in a way that's right for your business and how you can get started. Completing the 10 questions of the quiz should only take a few minutes. You will receive a Unique Results Report explaining your findings and outlining the strategy and the implementation steps that your small business can take in the next 60 days.

How Surviving Cyber Can
Help You

As a small businesses owner, you know that cyber risk is a business-critical issue and that a cyber incident could easily lead to the collapse of  your business. However, you may not know where to begin to address the problem. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with technological complexity and the scale of the cybercriminal threat that your business faces. You may well be constrained by insufficient time and resources to focus on this issue. However, lack of understanding of this complex and ever changing area could be your most limiting factor because it's hard to manage a risk that you do not understand. 

But it does not need to be this way!  The good news is that your small business can improve its cybersecurity and improve its cyber risk rating by adopting an approach to managing cyber risk that's right for your business. You just need to make a start.

Surviving Cyber provides online education courses and coaching in non technical language that helps the owners and managers of small businesses get peace of mind from cyber risk. The courses and coaching are particularly relevant to businesses that operate to high professional standards but may be struggling to get to grips with cyber risk.

Why should you care about cyber risk? 

As the owner or manager of a  small businesses, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Do you worry about the potentially catastrophic impact a cyber-attack could have on your business? 
  • Are you a very busy person, time challenged and with limited technology skills?
  • Do you worry that cybersecurity is expensive and have a limited budget to incur the expense of IT experts? 
  • Do you worry about the many sources of cyber risk and the types of loss that can result from cyber-attacks? 
  • Do you fear the fact that many cybercriminals are experts, always ahead of you and that the environment for this complex topic, that you don't fully understand, is constantly evolving? 
  • Do you have a nagging concern that the measures that you have taken to protect your business are not enough?
  • Have you outsourced your IT function to an IT Service Provider in the hope that a third party can take this responsibility for you? 
  • Are you beginning to feel pressure from your Board of Directors, customers or regulators to provide evidence of your cyber posture?
  • Do you want to be able to manage this risk, like any other business risk, without needing to become a cyber expert?

If you have answered 'YES' to any of these questions 

Surviving Cyber can help you!

Hi, I'm John Byrne, Founder of Surviving Cyber where I help small business owners who want to be empowered to manage their cyber risk. I am an entrepreneur, a Chartered Certified Accountant, an insurance professional and an ex-banker. I spent the first 28 years of my career in corporate roles with international banking and insurance groups as a specialist in financial risk assessment. My second career during the last 15 years has been as an entrepreneur, during which time I co-founded an insurance underwriting business at Lloyd's of London, where I was Chief Risk Officer. I am currently a co-founder of a start-up InsurTech firm focused on cyber risk.

Cyber Risk & Cyber Security: What's Your Cyber Risk Rating?
Take the quiz-based assessment now!

What's Your Cyber Risk Rating?

This assessment will help you discover ...

The issues that make up your current Cyber Risk Profile for the 3 pillars of cyber risk
Your current Cybersecurity Maturity Level and how you could improve it
The right approach for your small business to take in the next 60 days
...and much, much more!

Take the quiz-based assessment now!
Discover the strategy that's right for your small business so you can leave cyber overwhelm behind. 

There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be.
Robert Mueller - FBI Director, USA - March 2012