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Question 1
How does the Surviving Cyber Coaching course work?

The Coaching course is a live online course taking place over a 6 week period that helps small business owners create their pathway to peace of mind from cyber risk. This course is designed around the principle of co-creation. As such, there is an opportunity for significant engagement to ensure that the course topics are what the participants want to cover. The course consists of  6 weekly live group coaching calls of one-hour duration and a one-to-one review session in week 6. 

Full details of the course, including the modules, course dates, application deadlines, course pricing and many other details are shown on the Course page of this website.

Question 2
How is Surviving Cyber different from services currently available?

Most small businesses have poor cyber risk management practices. The focus of small companies is often on very basic technology defences but that’s not enough anymore.  The Surviving Cyber courses explain what the Cyber IT industry and insurance industry have to offer to small companies. We don’t promote the sale of cyber technology or insurance, although we see value in both offerings as part of a risk management approach. 

Question 3

Who are the Surviving Cyber courses intended for?

The Surviving Cyber courses are designed for the owners and managers of small knowledge-based businesses. These are the people who are ultimately responsible for managing all the risks of the business, including cyber risk, and have the most to lose if a cyber incident causes catastrophic consequences for the company.

Question 4

Why would a small knowledge-based company need the courses offered by Surviving Cyber ?

Cyber risk is the great unmanaged risk for small companies. It has the potential to devastate a small business and is far more likely to happen than many other insured risks, e.g. a building fire or flood. The course helps small company owners and managers prepare for and ultimately survive a cyber-attack by making their businesses more cyber resilient and their people more cyber aware.

Question 5
Do the Surviving Cyber courses offer value for money?

I believe that the Surviving Cyber  courses offer good value for money especially when you consider  the time and energy that would be required to acquire the knowledge they contain.  The Jumpstart Course is the entry level course and is priced accordingly. The Pathway Course is more extensive and covers a wider range of topics. It is the mid priced option. The Coaching Course is the top end offering and is priced accordingly. It includes 6 hours of group coaching plus one hour of one-to-one coaching at the end of the course in week 6 to review the participant's pathway plan. The benefit of taking the Courses is access to a guide to help you on your journey to cyber resilience in a cost effective manner.  

Question 6

Is a Surviving Cyber course likely to be time consuming?

The Jumpstart Course contains 3.75 hours of video content organised in 4 Sections to be taken at your own pace. If you took one module per week, you could finish the course and implement the results in less than 30 days. The Pathway course contains 5 and a half hours of video content covering a broader range of topics, again, to be taken at your own pace. The Coaching course is held over a 6 week period, comprising 6 small group coaching sessions, each of one hour's duration, followed by a final one-to-one session with your instructor to review the participant's pathway to peace of mind from cyber risk. To get the most out of the Coaching course, participants should be prepared to do some work between sessions.

Question 7
Can I benefit from what Surviving Cyber offers without subscribing to these courses?

Yes, of course. The Learning Centre page on this site contains free content designed to educate small companies in this critical business risk. You can avail of this free content by submitting your details when you download the content. I will be adding more free content in the future. You can also subscribe to the Surviving Cyber YouTube channel and Linkedin page.  When you are ready to make a commitment to improving your cyber resilience, you can sign up for a self study or coaching course.

Question 8

Does my IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) already provide cyber risk management services?

Most small companies do not have access to an IT managed service provider who has expertise in cyber security or the provision of cyber risk management services. It is advisable to check with your IT Service provider whether they are providing any cybersecurity or cyber risk management services and the extent of any services provided.  

Question 9
How important is it for me to understand IT technical jargon to benefit from these courses?

These are not courses on cybersecurity per se but on cyber risk management. The courses have been created to be useful to the ‘non-technical’ owners of small companies as well as to the management people they employ. In the main, these are ‘non-IT’ people and so the courses avoid information technology jargon as much as possible.

Question 10

Does my insurance broker already provide cyber risk management services?

Although cyber insurance has been around for over 20 years, it is still a relatively new product in the UK and Ireland. In fact, the take up rate for cyber insurance among small companies in the UK is thought to be only around 11%. Insurance brokers who do not specialize in this area may struggle to adequately explain the insurance to customers as it is a highly technical and complex risk. For this reason, your insurance broker may have raised the topic of cyber insurance with you but may not have offered cyber risk management services to your company. 

Question 11

Does Surviving Cyber provide advice about insurance or act as an insurance intermediary or broker in Ireland or the UK?

No. Surviving Cyber provides online education courses. Solenco Ltd t/a Surviving Cyber does not provide advice about insurance or act as an insurance intermediary or broker in Ireland or the UK. Insurance mediation is a regulated activity in both countries.  

Question 12

How long has Surviving Cyber been operating? 

Solenco Ltd has been operating since 2010. Surviving Cyber was registered in 2020 as a business name of Solenco Ltd. The first Surviving Cyber courses were held in January 2021.

Question 13

Which of the three Surviving Cyber Courses is right for me?   

The “Jumpstart” course is a self-study course available to you at any time to go through at your own pace. It is designed to jumpstart your efforts to manage cyber risk. It focuses on Technology risk and will result in the creation of a Cyber Resilience Plan for your business, probably the first of its kind for your business. 

The “Pathway” course is a more extensive course that also covers People risk, Governance risk, Incident Response Planning and Cyber insurance. 

The Coaching Course is a cohort-based group coaching course delivered live by me on Zoom over a 6-week period and including a one-to-one session in week 6 to review your Pathway document.

Which course is right for you depends on your circumstances, how much time, money and effort you wish to commit to your business survival, whether you prefer an online course that you can take at your own pace or a coaching course taking place on a fixed schedule and when you wish to start the course. The Jumpstart course and The Pathway course are available now. The Coaching Course is not available but will be launching late in 2021.

Question 14

How can I know if these Surviving Cyber courses are likely to satisfy me and deliver the indicated results?

All of the Courses are based upon the initial live Coaching course held in early 2021. The Testimonials for the initial Coaching course show that the course delivered value to its participants. You can see these Testimonials on the "Who I Help" page.

I am confident that the courses will deliver value for money and that is why I offer a 30-day unconditional guarantee.

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Coaching Course

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