Watch my Exclusive Workshop " How Small Business Owners can create
their First Cyber Resilience Plan
in less than 30 days " and learn my 5 Step Formula.

Why watch this video workshop?

Small businesses know that cybersecurity is an increasingly important issue for them. However, getting started with the right plan that fits their needs is essential.
The video above is a short 6-minute introduction to the free workshop for owners and managers of small knowledge-based businesses who want to be empowered to manage cyber risk.
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The Free workshop answers the following important questions...

  • Why does your small business need a Cyber Resilience Plan?
  • What are the 3 must-have components of your Cyber Resilience Plan and why do most people miss at least one of these?
  • Is there a  simple  Framework that leads to Cyber Resilience?
  • What are the 5 essential controls that can reduce your exposure to the most common internet threats by 80%?
  • How can people play an important dual role as both a source of cyber risk and cyber defense?
  • How do you build your first Cyber Resilience Plan? 

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Here's what one cyber expert had to say about the workshop...

As a Managed Security Service Provider, I highly recommend and endorse the Cyber Resilience Workshop John has put together. It is a fantastic cyber resilience plan for SME's to begin with. A very comprehensive risk resilient framework that is essential for all internet connected businesses. The five key factors of implementing a strong cyber-defense through tactics, processes and procedures. In my cybersecurity background and experience I have conducted many incident responses and forensic investigations. Nearly every incident I was involved with could have been prevented by just following this framework. By integrating cyber resilience into the IT architecture from the beginning or at the point where security has been seriously considered. Too many wait until after the attack to take it seriously. John has done a great job explaining what is required in a "non-technical" direct presentation. Even as a "technical" person I enjoyed the presentation and have taken John’s advice onboard. Thank you John and I look forward to more of your products. ” 

 Chris Koentopp

Managing Director, Cyber365 

You should take this workshop because...

  • It explains how to create a simple and proven way to create the first Cyber Resilience Plan that is right for the specific needs of your small business 
  • …without having to become a cybersecurity expert or spend your time and money looking for a solution that you hope will work

In this workshop you will discover...

  • Why you need a Cyber Resilience Plan
  • The 3 components you need in your Plan
  • My 5-Step Framework that leads to Cyber Resilience
  • The 3 Sources of Cyber Risk
  • The 5 Controls that dramatically reduce your Technology risk!

Your workshop benefits  include...

  • What you learn in this workshop could save your business one day from the potentially catastrophic financial, legal and reputational risk that could result from a cyberattack
  • You could take the steps suggested and see tangible results in your business in the next 30 days  

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It takes 20 years to build a reputation and few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it.  "
Stephane Nappo, Global Chief Information Security Officer at Societe Generale International Banking